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A couple of years ago I caught a common mid-life contagion: the family genealogy research bug.

I started with my mother’s side. It didn’t take much rooting around to find three Revolutionary War veterans. (DAR is processing my application as I write! Great patriotic organization for librarian types like me.)

The more I delved into the past, the more I began to wonder about all of my relations, the ones before and after 1776. Each was a real person. Each had a story.

All writers know to narrow your subject. So I did just that. This blogsite explores the ancestral line of my mother’s maternal grandmother. The posts feature short biographies of Mary Etta Hazlewood (1891-1959) and her direct ancestors. Hopefully some of you (cousins et al) will enjoy reading about our family. Or perhaps you are more kith than kin? Either way, I welcome your comments via the contact page.

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